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Blind Sun

Blind Sun




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Blind Sun

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Blind Sun is a sound piece of about 30 minutes made in collaboration with the Italian musician Roberto Francesco Dani and with the Portuguese singer Beatriz Ventura. The "vocal spectrums" based on the energy released from the molecules of the elements that compose the Sun, collide and fuse. Such vocal magma lay on an array of electronic sounds. They come by the data collected from the last twenty years data of Solar Irradiance and World Energy Consumption.

Nuclear fusion is, as George Bataille writes in the Accursed Share: "the source of life exuberant development. The origin and essence of our wealth come in the radiation of the Sun." In his book, the philosopher points out: "the need to study the system of human production and consumption within a much larger framework," acknowledging the "industrial network" as part of "a circuit of cosmic energy on which it depends, which it cannot limit, and whose laws it cannot ignore without consequences".