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Blind Sun

Blind Sun




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The Upwelling

the Intelligence 

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Third Nature

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le Quattro Stagioni

Conversation on the origin of time

Seismic Symphonies

Latent Cartographies

Latent Cartographies is a project that has been developed for Narrazioni, during the exhibition Open Museum, Open City at MAXXI in Rome. The Olympic Village, located within the same district of MAXXI, it is in the purest rationalist style, and can be seen as a symbol of the city’s desire to attain the new modernity of post-war development.

Writings of Le Corbusier, Luigi Moretti, Pier Luigi Nervi - the architects who inspired, imagined and built the Olympic Village - intermingle with depositions of local inhabitants turning into a narrative map which questions the values of modernity, as well as of collective space and the community.

Latent Cartographies, performance, 2 actors read once a day for 15 minuts, 27th October-2nd November 2014, Open Museum, Open City, MAXXI, Rome (Italy);

Latent Cartographies, Catalog, Open City Open Museum, edited Mousse Publishing;

Latent Cartographies (studio), 27 x 21 cm, print and oil on cotton paper, 2015;