Le Quattro Stagioni.mp3
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Clarinet B 1: Temperatures;

Clarinet B 1: Humidity;

Clarinet MI B: Rain;

Bass Clarinet: Wind

Le Quattro Stagioni  refers to the famous composition by Antonio Vivaldi, but is given by the translation in music of four weather variables collected during 2015 in Alessandria, Italy. To each weather graph has been superimposed the tonal scale  of its assigned clarinet. Each note is one day. One year has become two minutes of music.

The sound piece was performed the 10th October 2015 by Mademi Quartet in the ancient courtyard of Palazzo Cambiaso Negrotto, during Materia, an exhibition curated by Massimo Palazzi in Novi Ligure (Alessandria). 

Le Quattro Stagioni is a site specific project. In fact, in every context where the work will be performed, local weather variables will be translated to produce a new composition. 


Le Quattro Stagioni, 10th October 2015, Concert for Clarinets, 2 min, Materia, Novi Ligure (Alessandria);