The Sicilian Channel is one of the most traffic-intensive areas in the world: in addition to being an ecological corridor for bird migration, it is the crossroads of merchant ships that distribute the raw materials for the industry.

Not only that, today is a human migration corridor and the place where fiber-optic cables are laid from Europe to the North African coast, to then continue towards the Middle East and Asia, in an attempt to connect virtually the entire globe.

The Upwelling follows some of the fiber optic cables that start from Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, to reach the coasts of North Africa. The invisible flow of information goes together with the story of a young migrant telling his journey from Nigeria to Italy.

The Upwelling, 6.35 minutes, video 4k/HD, 2018

photo: Blind Sun, Culturgest Porto (2020), Fidelidade Arte (2019), photo credits Alexandre Delmar, Bruno Lopez